West Fraser - Souther Yellow Pine, Grn Doug Fir

We understand that operations of our size and scope come with clear environmental responsibilities. At West Fraser, we are proud of our environmental achievements, and of our responses to new challenges and opportunities.

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Westervelt - Souther Yellow Pine, Grn Doug Fir

In 1884, Herbert Westervelt began a career in the paper industry, developing Prairie States Paper Corporation, now known as The Westervelt Company. Realizing the importance of nature as a major resource in the paper-making business, the Westervelt family instilled an appreciation for the environment and its conservation. Appreciation of conservation facilitated our evolution from a manufacturing to a land resource management organization. With over half a million acres of timberlands, we continue to grow with the land serving as our guide. Today we focus on businesses which sustain our natural resources for the future. We are stewards of the land.

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